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Getting Started

What is the connection between Lulu and Tilt Publishing?

Lulu is the exclusive printing and fulfillment provider for Tilt Publishing.

When you publish a book with Tilt Publishing and make it available for purchase, Lulu fulfills your orders and facilitates the connection between your website and your books. Lulu’s global print network dropships your books to your customers worldwide, and white-labeled shipping ensures your brand is at the forefront of each package.

What are the acceptance criteria for Tilt Publishing?

Our editorial team reviews and accepts submissions that meet our acceptance criteria. Please review the guidelines below before submitting to help ensure your manuscript meets our criteria: 

  • Must be a complete, nonfiction, English-language manuscript
  • Must be well-crafted, original, and unique
  • Must include permissions and/or citations as appropriate
  • Source files must be an editable, unflattened .doc or .docx file and adhere to the following:
    – 12-point type
    – Single-line spacing
    – One-inch margins
    – Include sequentially numbered pages
    – Include your working title, name, and email address at the top of the first page
  • Images must be provided as JPG or PNG, and at least 150 DPI.
  • Illustrations, charts, and graphs are preferred in a vector format (AI, EPS, PDF)

What do I need to provide to get started?

After your manuscript has been accepted, everything you will need to provide is listed in our Author Checklist.

What are the different publishing packages available?

Standard Service:

  • Proofreading
  • ISBNs for all book formats
  • Print and ebook formatting
  • Front and back cover design, including one round of revisions
  • Five printed copies of your book
  • Discounted print costs
  • Ebook set up on Amazon, Ingram, Google, Apple, and Kobo
  • Setup assistance to sell directly through your website
  • Listing on the Tilt Publishing site
  • Assistance with developing a marketing plan
  • Discounted print costs

Enhanced Service:

Everything included with Standard Service, plus:

  • Two rounds of professional editing
  • Proofreading
  • ISBNs for all book formats
  • Print and ebook formatting
  • Front and back cover design, including two rounds of revisions
  • Ten printed copies of your book
  • Ebook set up on Amazon, Ingram, Google, Apple, and Kobo
  • Setup assistance to sell directly through your website
  • Listing on the Tilt Publishing site
  • Assistance with developing a marketing plan
  • Promotion in one Tilt Newsletter
  • Discounted print costs


  • Editorial assessments
  • Promotion in Tilt newsletters
  • Traditional press releases
  • Promotion in Tilt newsletters

Check out our Packages page for full details on our publishing packages.


    How should I provide creative direction for my cover?

    Please provide examples of other book covers that you like, a mood board, artwork, or anything else that reflects the design direction you wish to convey on your cover.

    What are front and back matter?

    Your Publishing Coordinator will work with you to answer any specific questions related to the front and back matter in your book.

    Front matter is everything on the pages leading up to the actual content. This will include title pages, copyright, dedication, acknowledgments, and a table of contents.

    A common layout for front matter pages might look like this:

    • Half title
    • Blank
    • Full title
    • Copyright
    • Dedication (Optional)
    • Also by {{Author Name}}
    • Acknowledgments (Optional)
    • Blank
    • Table of Contents

    Back matter should be after the end of the contents of your book. This material serves to prompt your reader to continue engaging with you and your work. Back matter consists of the following pieces:


    • Acknowledgments
    • Bibliography
    • Index
    • About the Author
    • Advertising for backlist or upcoming titles
    • Sample from a forthcoming title
    • Connections to your social media, author website, and newsletter

    What is metadata?

    Metadata is the information attached to your book. This includes the following:

    • The title
    • The author
    • The description
    • Author bio
    • Publication date
    • ISBN
    • Copyright

    More data can contribute to the metadata for your book, but the list above covers most of the really important information. Read more about metadata here.

    What ecommerce platforms are compatible with Tilt Publishing?

    Tilt Publishing can connect your books to a website powered by Shopify, WooCommerce, or Wix.

    Outside of my website, where will my book be available for purchase?

    We can help setup your accounts with various online retailers like Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and others around the world to get your book into distribution.

    How should I determine the price for my book?

    “When deciding on the price for your book, you’ll want to consider the print cost, distribution plan, and product specifications. We recommend looking at popular, published books within the same genre with similar specifications to get a sense of the price range consumers expect.

    More information about determining the retail price based on the fulfillment cost can be found here.

    How does Tilt Publishing help market my book?

    Once your book is published, we’ll share it on Tilt Publishing’s Authors webpage and through our social platforms. We will also help you develop a marketing plan for your book’s launch. Additional marketing options can be purchased as add-ons to your service package. Contact us or check out our Packages page for more details.


    How do I order copies of my book?

    You can order copies of your book through your Lulu account. To purchase your Tilt Publishing books at the manufacturing cost, please follow these instructions:

    1. Login to your Lulu.com account and navigate to the My Projects page.
    2. Click the Add to Cart button next to the project you wish to purchase. Once all of the item(s) you want to buy are added to your cart, you can view it by clicking the Cart icon at the top right of any page on Lulu.com.
    3. When you are in the cart, the title and price of each item will be displayed and the quantity can be adjusted on the right. Click Remove to take an item out of the cart or Continue to Checkout to begin the order process.
    4. If you want to set up an Express payment method for an expedited checkout process in the future, click the Shop Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal buttons at the top of the page. Otherwise, scroll down to fill out your shipping information.
    5. Click Continue to Shipping to proceed to the next step and select from the available shipping methods. Please note that shipping times are estimates, and we recommend choosing trackable shipping for orders when possible.
    6. Click Continue to Payment and enter your payment information and billing address. If you like, you can save your payment information for future use.
    7. Review your order. If anything needs to be changed, click the change button, make your corrections, and return to the checkout page.
    8. Click Pay Now to complete your purchase and a receipt will be displayed immediately. You will also receive an order confirmation email at the contact email you provided.

    Print book orders are sent to our production queue and start printing within one business day of your order’s submission.

    All orders will be indicated on the Order History page of your account. If it’s less than an hour after a print book order was submitted, you can cancel the order by navigating to the order details.

    How do I create a bulk order?

    You can create a bulk order through your Lulu account by clicking “Add Version X to Cart” from your My Projects page, and then adjusting the quantity in the shopping cart. Full instructions for creating an order can be found here .

    How do I track my orders?

    For orders received through your website, you will receive a notification email including the tracking number. The tracking number can also be found on your Lulu Direct Orders page.

    Personal orders that you create through your Lulu.com account can be tracked here.

    How do I contact support?

    Reach out to our team here.


    How do I request a revision?

    For inquiries related to creating a revision, special edition, additional binding type, or any other book edit, please contact us here.

    I want to create a new book. How do I start a new project with Tilt Publishing?

    Each manuscript must be submitted individually for review by our editorial team. You can submit your new manuscript here.

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