You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use AI tools.

Frankly, that’s the whole point, says Mike Kaput, chief content officer of the Marketing AI Institute.

“AI is going to change fundamentally how you approach content and what’s possible,” he says in his Creator Economy Expo presentation.

And if you think AI is just ChatGPT, think again. “The power of these tools is incredible, especially as a solo or small team. You can scale up to a level previously impossible,” Mike says.

AI reduces costs by intelligently automating repetitive, data-driven tasks. It also drives revenue by improving your ability to make predictions. To help you go down that path of AI to boost your business operations, Mike suggests you consider these things and shares 10 tools (No. 5):

1. Do an AI-use case test: Document what needs to get done in a week (or day or quarter), then list the steps to accomplish each task.

Review the list and ask these four questions:

  • Is it data-driven?
  • Is it repetitive? (Does it follow the same series or close to the same steps?)
  • Is it predictive? (example: What headline would appeal most to the audience?)
  • Is it generative? (Does it produce an output?)

You don’t have to say yes to every single one to have a good use case. Answer one or two, and look into how AI can augment or automate that task.

2. Create podcast-related tasks: Using first-hand experience, Mike says an AI assist helped the institute cut down the time to create a podcast by 75%.

AI tools can assist in preparing show briefs and questions, creating show scripts, producing the video and audio, automatically transcribing the podcasts, and developing summaries of those transcripts.

3. Boost your blog impact: You can get tactical and strategic help by combining AI tools. Some smart tools can give input based on the information it has to build a smarter content strategy. You also could use an AI tool to identify what of your existing content could be updated for better search result rankings.

AI tools also can repurpose transcripts into articles and edit your content. Don’t forget visuals – AI can create images for your blog content too. 

Of course, you can’t just implement the AI tools and sit back. Mike says the real value comes when a human sits down to synthesize the AI results.

4. Promote your content: Entrepreneurs often find they create the content but don’t have the time to market that content. Use AI tools to speed up promotion across every channel. Turn your blog articles into social content for multiple channels. Repurpose your video and audio content into promo clips. Create images to accompany your promotional content.

Turn blog posts into social shares  Repurpose video into promo clips  Repurpose audio into promo clips  Create promo images  Write social posts across channels.

5. Consider these AI tools: No tool fits every need. Mike offers some suggestions on where to start:

  • Open AI’s ChatGPT (free) – Create headlines, outlines, and ideas. Summarize transcripts and reports. Get content strategy advice.
  • BrandMark (free and paid) – Automatically design and rate logos. Generate font pairing ideas. Generate color palettes.
  • Descript (free and paid) – Produce pro-grade audio. Produce pro-grade video. Transcribe automatically.
  • GlossAi (registration required) – Turn content into video. Turn video into ebooks. Turn audio into video.
  • GoCharlie (registration required) –  Write blog posts with AI. Write ads and captions for social. Custom LLM built for marketing.
  • Grammarly (registration required, free and paid) – Automatically edit copy. Rewrite for the preferred voice. Get word usage recommendations.
  • HyperWrite (registration required, free and paid) – Personalized AI writing assistant. AI assistance anywhere you write. Access via a browser extension. Useemplates for types of writing, such as marketing, business, social, etc.
  • Lately (paid) – Turn content into social shares. Discover what content works. Write in your unique voice.
  • MarketMuse (free trial, paid) – Rank higher in search. Create smart SEO briefs. Get personalized keyword research strategy.
  • (paid) – Send personalized newsletters. Automate newsletter creation. Automate content curation.
  • Runway  (free and paid, registration required) –  Generate video from text prompts. Professionally edit images. Automatically generate subtitles.
  • Writer (free trial, paid)  – Brainstorm and ideate content. Create content across teams. Edit, distribute, and repurpose faster.
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