OCTOBER 24, 2023

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Get Better Search Results

Google wants the same thing you want: Quality content that attracts and engages an audience.

It hasn’t always been that way. A decade or so ago, Google was fine with content to game its algorithm. Website creators stuffed keywords into their content and pages in hopes that Google would award them a top ranking.

However, the people who searched didn’t like what Google delivered, and Google didn’t like to disappoint their audience without whom they wouldn’t have a business. So Google implemented a new strategy – expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Last year, it added another E – experience. This month, it reinforced its algorithm to beef up the relevance of EEAT, finishing the rollout late last week.

What does that mean for expert creators like you?

Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal cautions creators to have patience. Monitor your analytics regularly to see the short and long trends.

But the takeaway remains the same: Deliver content that gives value to your audience in the manner they want to consume it.

In this world of AI-generative content and voice search, you have more opportunities to capture the search audience than you might think. So, start with these search strategy ideas.

Think long tail: If you create content that relates to keywords with high search volumes, don’t forget about the niche searchers. Content with relevant long-tail keywords will likely return better results. For example, travel blogger entrepreneur Chris Mitchell knows it would be difficult to rank well for “things to do in Miami.” So he wrote an article for the long-tail keywords – how to spend a week in Miami. What related phrases in your content tilt could you tackle to attract search visitors to your niche content?

Be helpful and deliver the facts: To attract Google’s eyes, your content should help the audience and do so in a factually accurate way. Before you publish a piece of content, ask, “What will the reader, listener, or viewer take away from this? How will it help them in their daily life (personally or professionally?” If you can’t easily answer those questions, revise the content until you can, then publish it.

Fact-check your content, too. Never assume something is accurate. For example, just because you linked to a source that quoted the same information doesn’t mean it’s accurate. I find this is a big problem with statistics – they just get quoted and requoted without any links to the original source. If you can’t verify a fact, don’t use it.

Showcase your experience: You are well-positioned to address the last E in Google’s EEAT search emphasis. As an expert creator, you have experience related to your content tilt. Share it. Show what you’ve learned and how you’ve learned it. Make sure you include author bios or team profiles on the site and detail your experience there. Add the bio or profile of the creator to the page where the content asset is.

Connect your content: Since you have a tilt, it follows that your content all connects in some way. Make the most of that by linking to other content assets from your new content assets. That internal linking indicates to Google your site is an expert on the subject, and it helps your audience know where to go to learn more about the topic.

Get an AI assist: Given the growing impact on search (and AI-generative content) results, it only makes sense to get some help from AI in your SEO adventures. Orbit Media recently outlined seven ways to use ChatGPT for higher rankings. Past CEX speaker Andy Crestodina details how to use it to improve current rankings of your URLs, edit title tags for higher click rates, add relevance with FAQ content, find gaps in your content based on your competitors, and more.

– Ann Gynn

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content entrepreneur spotlight

Entrepreneur: Chris Mitchell

Biz: Traveling Mitch

Tilt: Personal travel advice

Primary Channel: Blog, newsletter (2K)

Other Channels: Instagram (17.1K), X (21.9K), TikTok (5.9K), Ultimate Ontario (4K), We Explore Canada (1K), This Week in Blogging (2K)

Time to First Dollar: 24 months

Rev Streams: Ad networks, affiliate sales, partner campaigns, consulting, speaking

Our Favorite Actionable Advice

  • Take a chance: Chris launched his travel blog because he was sick of repeating his travel stories to friends and families. His content, though, also attracted search engines that delivered traffic to his site.
  • Make a plan: Chris and his wife Bri decided she would work a full-time job so the family had a stable income while he went full time as a content entrepreneur.
  • Start a newsletter: Though blogging is the primary channel, Chris started a newsletter as soon as possible to reach his audience even if traffic slowed because Google changed its algorithm.
  • Know the difference between being for hire and for sale: When you are growing in this industry, it is easy to sell your audience to the highest bidder. Don’t sell your content or brand short. Always be for hire, not for sale.

– Marc Maxhimer

Read all the story of Chris Mitchell.

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things to know

  • Label it: Meta’s Threads app added a paid partnership option in its post-creation process. Creators click and the content will include #PaidPartnership and add the relevant brand in front of it. (Lindsey Gamble)
    Tilt Take: Paid ads, sponsors, etc., must be disclosed to avoid the US Federal Trade Commission’s wrath. Glad it’s easy to do.
  • Oldies but goodies: Some influencer creators say they’re finding an audience – and a payout – on Facebook (the platform many avoid because they think no one uses it). TikToker Morgann Book reposts her content as reels and earned $93K in 10 months. (Insider)
    Tilt Take: Think about how to repurpose your content to attract audiences across multiple platforms.
  • Ask now: Instagram is rolling out a feature to let users create polls in the comments on their posts. (Engadget)
    Tilt Take: A good way to get your audience to engage. A great idea to research your audience’s preferences, interests, etc.
  • Down arrow: In a year, X lost 13% of its daily active users, a number accelerated after its rebrand. But Meta’s Threads isn’t a threat. Apptopia says only 10% of X users have ever tried it. (Big Technology)
    Tilt Take: Always look at your brand’s stats to see if they reflect industry trends. Only then should you think about what to do.
Tech and Tools
  • Keep looking: YouTube now gives creators an expanded ability to format their video descriptions. They’re also making them scrollable. (ZDNET)
    Tilt Take: Make sure to maximize that precious real estate for your YouTube videos.
  • No doxxing: Creator handle SSSniperWolf (Alia Shelesh) received a temporary monetization suspension from YouTube. They said filming a fellow YouTuber’s house on her Instagram story violated its creator responsibility policies. (Time)
    Tilt Take: Don’t get into a battle with another creator. Spend that time on your audience instead.
And Finally
  • Patreon pin: WWE Hall of Fame wrestler The Undertaker launched his own Patreon – subscriptions for Six Feet Under range from $5 to $10 a month for access to his podcasts and the chance to ask questions in future episodes. (Wrestling Observer)
    Tilt Take: Given his big fan base, we expect big success for The Undertaker, even with his very reasonable pricing.
  • Inspiring words: “Who you attract is determined by what you put out … If you don’t have the audience you want … Put out something better.” (Josh Spector)
    Tilt Take: Your content is a reflection of your audience, and your audience is a reflection of your content.

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