SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

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In This Issue: Consider the marketing strategy that content creators are the best at executing (and it’s free). Discover why we stan Michelle Khare. And it’s all about conversions in Things To Know.

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full tilt

Be Their Guest and Grow Your Audience

Guest blogging (or guest content creation) can help grow your brand awareness, boost your credibility, and earn backlinks to your site. In most cases, guest content creators don’t get monetary rewards but author bylines or backlinks to your site for promotion.

The strategy of guest blogging helped many content entrepreneurs grow their visibility and brands. Jon Morrow executed a guest blogging program and earned 13K subscribers before he launched the website. Now his SmartBlogger is one of the world’s largest sites for web writers and content entrepreneurs.

Adam Enfroy wrote 80-plus guest posts to grow his website’s traffic to over 300K and started making $61K a month from his blog. Danny Iny wrote over 80 guest posts for top websites and got up to 23K monthly page views for his website Mirasee.

Quick note: While I refer to this as “guest blogging”, other forms of creation, such as infographics, videos, podcasts, also can work with this strategy.

Sound like something worth trying? Here’s how to get started.

1. Set your business goals: What do I want to reach with my guest content campaign? Why will it help my content business? Where will I post guest articles to reach my target audience? Who will conduct the outreach and create the content? When will this happen? How many guest contributions might I need to reach my goal?

2. Make a pitch list: Find sites that welcome guest content and are relevant and authoritative enough to help you reach your business goal. Consider your niche, your expertise, and the third-party site’s quality. (The higher their domain authority, the better. Aim for websites with a DA of 40 or higher.)

Create a spreadsheet to organize all the potential sites. Include the details about the site – website link, blog guidelines link, domain authority, and editor contacts. Then add columns related to your outreach – ideas offered, date sent, status, etc.

3. Reach out and get accepted: Review the details noted on your spreadsheet. Examine each website, find their guest post guidelines, and read throughout their blog posts to understand their audience and what topics might be of their interest to ensure they’ll accept yours.

While brainstorming relevant topics, ask yourself:

  • How can you connect your expertise to your guest post idea?
  • Does their target audience need to hear that?
  • If they already wrote about this topic, what fresh angle could you offer?

Make your pitch concise and to the point.

4. Write guest posts and get published: Once your pitch is accepted, it’s time to create the content and send it to the third-party site. As a busy content entrepreneur, you can now face another challenge – time. If you don’t have enough to create the content, outsource the task. Just make sure to give them a well-detailed creative brief.

5. Analyze the results: Wait a couple of months to see how well it worked. Then, examine some metrics – referral traffic from the guest content, number of comments and social shares, general website traffic, or subscriber growth.

Now that you’ve got another strategy to influence your online presence and build the audience, are you ready to try?

– Lesley Vos

Get tips on how to find potential sites and more.

we stan for Michelle Khare

Entrepreneur: Michelle Khare

Tilt: Fitness and risk-taking

Scene: YouTube (3M), Instagram (302K), TikTok (158.9K), Twitter (45K)

Snack Bites:

  • Michelle launched her YouTube channel with Helmet Head, a sketch comedy series about a cyclist.
  • Her series Challenge Accepted, in which she takes on unique job training, helped grow her audience to the millions.
  • She recently took that challenge to the masses with her own platform, where she motivates subscribers to complete a fitness challenge in 30 days.
  • Michelle also has partnered with brands such as State Farm, Bose, and Tic Tac.

Why We Stan: Michelle found a fresh content tilt, but wasn’t afraid to evolve it in order to grow her audience. She also has found unique new revenue opportunities, such as the fitness challenge platform, that still relate to her core tilt.

– Shameyka McCalman

To learn more about her, check out the longer story.

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things to know

  • Forget the after: Pre-roll ad spots generate a higher conversion rate than mid- and post-roll spots. Research founds pre-roll converts at 1.16% on average, followed by mid-roll at 1.10%, and post-roll comes in last with 0.83%. (eMarketer)
    Tilt Take: Frankly, what’s most noteworthy is that mid-roll ads convert at a rate only slightly less than pre-roll. It indicates viewers want to keep watching.
  • Landing perfect 10: Positive social proof on your landing pages can be a key conversion differentiator. Use the psychological phenomenon in the form of testimonials, endorsements, ratings, or reviews from others in your audience. (Entrepreneur; h/t
    Tilt Take: Third-party credibility lets new visitors recognize others have found value in your content business.
  • Analyze this: YouTube’s new analytics options in Creator Studio can help you uncover gaps in video content (what people search for that they can’t find) and see what topics are tops, rising, or recent. (Social Media Today)
    Tilt Take: Audience interest research can be time-consuming. We love when a platform helps us do some of our homework.
  • Make the ask: Among the entry-level ideas to ask for referrals: Include “forward to a friend” in your email. Write a personal appeal with the request. Pose the question, “Who do you know who should be getting this info every week? Forward this newsletter along, so they don’t have to miss out anymore.” (Paved; h/t Inbox Reads)
    Tilt Take: Before you make the ask, make sure you have created a community that enjoys your content enough to make a referral.
Tech and Tools
  • Repost Insta: Instagram users may soon repost other users’ posts and reels. Testing will begin soon. (Tech Crunch)
    Tilt Take: If your audience is on Instagram, think about how to encourage them to repost your content when Instagram opens this feature to all.
  • Free research: Google’s Keyword Planner isn’t just for paid search campaigns. Anyone can use it to identify related keywords, monthly search volumes, changes in demand year over year, and competition level. (Search Engine Journal)
    Tilt Take: Even if you don’t focus on search rankings, this tool can be helpful in understanding your audience.
And Finally
  • Older strategy: Snapchat says it plans to grow its user base by 30% (to 450M) by the end of next year. Part of the strategy involves onboarding more 30- to 40-year-olds. (The Verge)
    Tilt Take: OK, 40 isn’t old, but it is for a platform like Snapchat. If older generations start using Snapchat, it risks losing the younger generations. (See Facebook if you don’t believe us.)
  • Roll on: The social token and DAO infrastructure company Roll is releasing membership and staking tools on Ethereum. Roll Memberships let creators monetize social tokens by offering perks and rewards to followers who hold a certain amount of their token. (MarTech Series)
    Tilt Take: Roll’s expansion is an indicator some remain bullish on the power of social tokens (aka creator coins).

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