Wattpad, an online community for readers and writers, recently introduced the Wattpad Creators Program,  a simple way for active writers to increase their earning potential and make money on Wattpad.

As part of the program, Wattpad is awarding up to $25K stipends for 500 eligible creators in 2022. But it’s also inviting 2K more creators to the program. All receive mentorship, marketing support, writing resources, and other opportunities. A minimum number of “engaged readers” is required to participate. That threshold number varies based on the genre.

But the Creators Program isn’t the only way users can make money on Wattpad. Its Paid Stories feature allows creators to earn money through reader donations. While it also offers brand-sponsored content opportunities through its writing contests as well as other outlets.

As Wattpad president Jeanne Lam told Passionfruit: “Our goal is for more writers to make a living from writing on Wattpad than anywhere else. We want to make Wattpad the best place in the world for writers to take control of their entire career.”

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