Thunderhead, an enterprise communications company, has announced the release of Thunderhead NOW 4.0, the next version of its enterprise communications platform. NOW 4.0 extends the functionality of the NOW platform to the edge of the enterprise, integrating communications with customer-facing business processes. Thunderhead NOW provides a solution for the creation and delivery of personalized, multi-channel business communications. Web-based NOW 4.0 manages high-volume batch and real-time interactive communications and documents. NOW 4.0 offers role-based functionality, designed to be easily integrated with business processes and applications. This integration is facilitated by NOW’s service-oriented architecture, enabling NOW to combine with CRM and customer service applications as well as BPM and ECM products.

The latest version of Thunderhead NOW introduces two new modules: Interview NOW– based on X-Forms standards, Interview NOW enables users to provide data in real-time, via an interview-style process to power personalized, one-off communications. Interview NOW fully leverages Thunderhead’s rules-based architecture and can modify subsequent inquiries based on information provided by a user’s previous responses. Thunderhead NOW 4.0 also introduces Approve NOW, which enables management oversight and control over content. This feature enables parallel review and approval processes.