Perceptive Software, Inc., has announced the general availability of ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower, the latest version of the company’s flagship document management, imaging, and workflow software suite. ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower features enhancements designed to simplify business processes, including version control and library services, digital signatures, ImageNow Projects, ImageNow Worksheets, and ImageNow Workflow Designer. The functionality within ImageNow Projects allows organizations to organize electronic documents by grouping all related documents within a record. Users can instantly access the documents associated with a record, route the documents through ImageNow Workflow, and manage the record more efficiently.

ImageNow 6.0 product feature enhancements include: Version Control and Library Services to allow users across an organization to create, edit, and maintain documents using any desktop application and apply document management measures from ImageNow, WebNow, select products like Microsoft Office, and applications that support web services; Digital Signatures, which uses advanced public-key infrastructure (PKI) technology embedded into ImageNow and WebNow to legally bind digital signatures to any document, authenticating the signer and verifying the integrity of the content; ImageNow Projects designed to enable related documents to be grouped as one object while retaining the properties of each document. This association makes it possible to view all project-related documents at a single glance, route them through ImageNow Workflow with a single click and perform other tasks with a single action; ImageNow Worksheets designed to make auxiliary data collection quick through customizable electronic entry forms built into the product; and ImageNow Workflow Designer to enable the creation, management, and modification of document-centric workflow processes with a palette of tools and a graphical canvas.