Real Story Group Founder Tony Byrne explores journey orchestration and decisioning for omnichannel content platforms in this clip from his presentation at Digital Experience 2019.

Watch Tony Byrne’s complete Digital Experience Conference presentation, A104. Visualize–then Optimize–Your DX Stack.


Tony Byrne: We put together what we call the Omnichannel Tech Stack Model. Again, apologies if this is somewhat difficult in back to read.

This is an enterprise architecture view of it, a services view of it. We’re working on developing kind of a customer-oriented look at this. It starts at the bottom with customer identity and access management. Then there’s what we’re calling intelligence hubs, so you have dashboards, intelligence reporting and visualization, predictive modeling, all of the analytics and data science stuff.

There’s also a new core of enterprise foundation services. These are things that are not in your DX team, web team, they’re not known by marketing, they’re enterprise, they’re not owned by customer service or sales, they’re not owned by support, these are enterprise-wide services.

So data science analytics, customer and data management, operations hubs for creative and content development, campaign scheduling, resource management, ’cause if you’re trying to orchestrate a journey across all these touchpoints somebody’s gotta make a lot of decisions in the coordination on that.

The omnichannel content platform is an emerging space, customer data platforms where you have your definitive customer prospect data in segments, and then journey orchestration and decisioning, where you’re figuring out how are we going to respond to this person at various points along her journey and interaction with us and we’re gonna define that enterprise-wide. Yes you still have content and engagement management services like CRM, like email marketing, WCM ’cause you still need them.

But I’m gonna argue that you actually wanna get lighter there. So what these systems now are doing for you is doing channel specific stuff like contextualization so I may contextualize this video for social media a little bit differently than I’m gonna do it by email, a little bit differently than I might put it on my website. I’m doing some content assembly, some delivery, and some interaction.

But what we said as an enterprise is, “We’re gonna separate out our core data, our core sharable content, our insight orchestration personalization, operational collaboration, all of that we’re gonna do on an enterprise level, because this is the only way that we’re gonna be able to have our customers have any chance of having a coherent experience with us.”