KANA Software, Inc., a provider of Service Resolution Management (SRM) solutions, has announced enhancements to its email response management application, KANA Response. KANA Response allows companies to manage and respond to all email inquiries. KANA Response is designed to handle up to 500,000 emails, in virtually any language. The latest version reduces customer service costs by providing agent productivity capabilities such as a unified agent view and access to content and knowledge wherever it resides. Now, with KANA Active Framework, a rules-based desktop integration framework, Response automatically pulls data from multiple back-office systems, based on keywords in customer emails, to automate the resolution of transactional inquiries, including questions regarding order status, shipping, and billing.

The new version of KANA Response also includes the following enhancements: Improved Knowledge Management and Increased Agent Productivity, designed to give agents the ability to access important information that can help them answer email inquiries immediately. This includes address book sorting, professional rich text email templates, WYSIWYG authoring, advanced external content and integrated desktop search capabilities using KANA IQ; Enterprise Application Interoperability, designed to allow agents to access content and knowledge from back-end systems to the desktop in order to provide current responses. The KANA Active Framework leverages new standards for enterprise application interoperability in a new rules-based desktop framework for data retrieval from disparate systems across the enterprise. It also provides enhanced enterprise administration for email forms; Advanced Email Security, designed to enable enhanced password controls, configurable secure roles, advanced secure departments, and secure public portals for private email retrieval in information-sensitive industries like financial services and healthcare;

Analytical and Reporting Capabilities, companies are focused on reducing inquiry resolution times, and increasing first contact resolution rates. KANA Response provides over 100 operational reports for sales and service managers to measure, analyze, and control contact centers based on real-time information. It also provides replication functionality to keep test and production servers in synch, and allows for remote system administration; Enhanced Quality Monitoring and Management: to ensure messages are delivered and questions are answered correctly and appropriately. The new version provides outbound email rules to ensure professional levels of control for quality assurance and consistency, and witness integration to help optimize workforce performance and quality; and platform support includes AIX, Solaris, Windows and Linux and databases such as DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server.