The people have spoken! We always bring you the EContent 100 list in our final issue of the year—and we will in 2019—but we decided to try something different. We presented readers with a list of the 2018 EContent 100 winners and asked them to vote on their five favorite companies. From the results, we took the ten companies with the most votes to create the first EContent People’s Choice Awards.

From household names to the technology providers that quietly provide the backbone to the web, the first annual EContent People’s Choice Awards provides an interesting look into the minds of readers, and where they think content is headed

–Theresa Cramer, Editor



IBM. The Economist. Conde Nast. What do they all have in common? Pugpig. Whether you’re looking to create a paid content website, a mobile digital edition of your content, or you need a custom solution, Pugpig has a platform for your needs—and the awards and accolades to help you feel good about your choice.



There are few names in digital content more widely known—and used—than Netflix. With about 139 million paying subscribers, award-winning series and movies, and a business model that helped disrupt and revive the media industry, Netflix’s influence is undeniable.


Google, LLC

Whether you’re searching for answers, watching a YouTube video, looking for a non-iOS smartphone, or are a marketer in need of site analytics, you’re probably going to run into—and use—a Google tool today. From creation to distribution, Google is at the heart of web content—some might even say it is the internet.



LinkedIn might seem like a surprising choice for this list, but the social media site for professionals has been ramping up its offerings. For instance, its videos generated 300 million impressions in a year. Those numbers cannot be denied—especially in the B2B world.


Spotify AB

Spotify has many competitors, but it has emerged as the leader in subscription audio content. It started out with a focus on music, but in February the company announced it purchased Gimlet, a successful podcast network, and Anchor—which helps people and companies create and monetize podcasts. It’s clear that Spotify’s influence continues to grow.



Adobe has, for decades, been an integral part of the content industry and that continues to be true in 2019. Whether you occasionally need to view a PDF or you’re a marketer who spends her day in the Adobe Experience Cloud, this is the company that underlies much of what we all do every day. 


Apple, Inc.

Starting with the iPod and iTunes, Apple changed the way we buy content. Today, it’s hard to imagine the mobile landscape would be what it is if it weren’t for that first iPhone. The mobile revolution and the ensuing onslaught of apps have changed how we engage with web, how and when we consume content, and so much more.



Social media has changed how we find, distribute, and consume content. Twitter also happens to have changed how we engage with each other, celebrities, and politicians. While other social media sites have been plagued with security and privacy concerns, Twitter seems to fly under the radar despite its growing influence.



The web is increasingly mobile-first, but the competition is fierce. CleverTap knows that apps are a dime a dozen from the user perspective, and is helping growth and retention teams manage mobile marketing across the customer lifecycle.


Vimeo, Inc.

As video becomes a bigger and bigger driver of traffic on the web, Vimeo is one of the few video sites giving YouTube a run for its money. Offering video in HD, 4K, and with no ads, it offers an alternative to the increasingly ad-dominated video platforms on the web.