Name With the Face
Beth Golden

Job Title
Senior Manager, Global Editorial Services

Dow Jones


Job Function
In her role as senior manager of global editorial services for Dow Jones, Beth Golden plays the lead role in establishing policies, workflows, and quality standards for the production of Dow Jones Managed News Summaries. “The summaries are a service that provides organizations with a newsletter strategy for accessing and distributing only the most relevant and important articles to their internal audiences,” says Golden. “We work closely with them to pinpoint the kind of information they need and from which sources.”

Golden is responsible for the development and enhancement of any production tools required to produce the news summaries, including global rollout, training, and user documentation. “I also define the procedures and metrics for measuring success,” Golden says.

In A Day’s Work
Golden’s typical day spans a number of time zones, starting around 5 a.m., when she signs on from home to address emails from the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) region or to participate in global conference calls.

“I’m in the office by 7 a.m. for the early start of the Americas’ news summaries delivery day,” Golden says, followed by a day filled with meetings and client calls. “And twice a month I take evening conferences with clients in Asia.”

Most Memorable Customer Encounter
“I was in New York City in the middle of a client presentation on the 52nd floor when the blackout occurred in 2003. When the lights went out someone came into the conference room and told us we had to evacuate the building. On the way down I discussed our Managed News Summary service and product. We won the deal and they are still a client!”

View From The Desk
“From my cubicle, the only thing I can see out the windows two rows away are the tree tops. I can’t see the wonderful man-made lake in the shape of New Jersey that is just below those windows.”

Outside Interest
“I’m an avid reader and golfer. A few years after I started working at Dow Jones, along with several co-workers, we formed a book club that meets once
a month. I read four or five books a month.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?
“Information literacy is a big driver of what I do at Dow Jones, and I really enjoy that aspect of my job. The idea that someone is unable to read makes me incredibly sad. So I would probably teach or tutor as a reading specialist.”