Bona-fide superstar gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins always put studying before playing video games. In college, the gamer would treat himself to video games if he completed his required school work. After earning prize money, Tyler’s mindset began to shift, opening the door to make a living solely from gaming and, in turn, becoming a full-time Twitcher. 

Twitcher @Ninja treated himself to video games if he completed his college homework. Then, he realized he could make a living #gaming. #Stan #ContentEntrepreneur Click To Tweet

Ten years ago, he began playing competitively in tournaments while earning an average of $100 a day playing on Twitch. Today, his gaming team continues to take home trophies in well-known competitions, and 16.9M follow on his personal platform. 

Last September, his team told CNBC’s Make It that he brought in $1M per month from streaming and sponsorship deals. This full-time Twitcher expanded outside the platform. In 2020, Ninja was looking at “literally anything and everything Hollywood … movies, voice acting, cartoons,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. He was a contestant on The Masked Singer reality-tv competition show, and he also recently made a cameo appearance in the Ryan Reynolds movie Free Guy.

Why we’re a Stan: Tyler didn’t leap into full-time streaming right away. He made the full-time Twitcher move after seeing he could earn money gaming using the platform and at well-known events.

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