MARCH 7, 2023

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Six Content Creation Strategies for Content Entrepreneurs

The challenges, problems, and solutions for content entrepreneurs are considerably different from those faced by content marketers at large brands. Those differences tend to center around scale, versatility, and focus.

The first edition of Epic Content Marketing focused almost exclusively on content marketers at large institutions. But one of the biggest changes to content marketing in the past ten years is the evolution of the creator economy and the rise of content entrepreneurs. The second edition of Epic Content Marketing had to be more inclusive of all practitioners of content creation and distribution.

Here are six key takeaways from the second edition specifically focused on content entrepreneurs.

1. Start with one channel There are so many channels and opportunities for content entrepreneurs to get their message out there, it’s tempting to try to leverage ALL the channels at once. But the way to build an audience and grow your content business is to find the ONE platform where you can stand out and connect with your target audience.

2. Have a rented land strategy This applies to anyone creating content, but is even more important for content entrepreneurs who eventually want to create a community they can leverage and use to drive revenue. Building an audience using social channels or a podcast is great, but don’t forget that your distribution is based on someone else’s algorithm and is dependent on your account remaining active on that platform and that platform continuing to exist (or not be banned). Look to convert your social followers to an owned channel like email or a community. Grow your audience everywhere (that makes sense), build your community in one place.

3. Connect your strategy to your content As content entrepreneurs, your time is your most valuable asset. If you’re spending time creating content that doesn’t support to your primary business goals, you’re wasting that time. Start off by clearly defining your mission statement and then make sure that every piece of content you spend time creating connects to that mission.

4. Track your performance, watch your data – Most content entrepreneurs don’t look at their data enough. Many will only notice the data when they see a particular piece of content performing well on one platform. Without looking at your data, you don’t have any idea of what is consistently performing better, what is causing your audience to act, and what is creating new clients and revenue for you.

5. Build your network and find opportunities to create in-real life (IRL) connections Building your network is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. If you’re a content entrepreneur, you should be constantly networking. Connect with influencers in your industry on social, engage with their posts, and look for opportunities to add value for them.

6. Create an exit plan – Set your exit goals and align your strategies, tactics, tasks, and tracking/reporting to support those goals. Make every decision you make, including the creation of your Mission Statement, tie back to your exit goals. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know if you’re making progress on your journey.

There are many more insights in the book, but if you stick with these six as you’re planning and creating, you will be well on your way to content success!

– Brian Piper

Pick up a fresh copy of Epic Content Marketing here.

Read more about each strategy, download online resources/templates from the book, and learn how one of these strategies led to Brian and Joe co-authoring this book by viewing the full post.

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content entrepreneur spotlight

Entrepreneur: Patricia Palacios

Biz: España Guide and Eusko Guide

Tilt: Spanish tourism information

Primary Channel: España Guide, Eusko Guide

Other Channels: Instagram (1.7K followers), Facebook (1.6K followers), Twitter (4.1k followers)

Time to First Dollar: Patricia Palacios launched the Eusko Guide in 2012, and it took her 18 months before she regularly started earning a few hundred per month. In 2017, the site reached 1M visitors for the first time.

Rev Streams: Ads and affiliate links

Our Favorite Actionable Advice

  • Be nimble: Make plans for the future, but be willing to change course when needed, Patricia recommends. There have been several occasions when she worked too long on things that never made money (an app project) but ignored other potential sources of income.
  • Don’t expect immediate success: It took Patricia five years before she hit 1M site visitors. Be patient, she counsels.
  • Differentiate yourself: There are thousands of travel bloggers out there. She stood out as an expert in the Basque region when few were covering the area (before expanding to the rest of Spain).

– Sarah Lindenfeld Hall

All the Story: To learn more about Patricia check out the longer story.

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things to know

  • It’s Electric: Believing that YouTube will continue to be the dominant platform for content, Electrify Video raises $50M to invest in established creators. (Tubefilter h/t The Creator Feed)
    Tilt Take: The model is interesting. They will invest in you for partial ownership (think Shark Tank), and subscriber growth after investment is documented, but will it pay off in the end?
  • A+ Open Rate: 62% might be a failure rate in school, but Amy Suto (featured recently in a Tilt Content Entrepreneur Post) shares this thread on her tips and tricks for her very successful email open rate. (Sutoscience)
    Tilt Take: We like her goal to solve a problem with every email! And if you are thinking of writing a novel, check out how she is doing that chapter by chapter too!
Tech and Tools
  • Snappy AI: Snapchat isn’t into checkmarks like other social media sites. Instead they charge $4 a month for some unique features. The most recent being a open AI chatbot. Just for perspective, Twitter blue has 300K paid compared to Snapchat with 2.5M paid. (Bloomberg)
    Tilt Take: As the article says, “If the bot inside Snapchat is a hit, we wouldn’t be surprised to see one slide into our Twitter DMs.”
  • Not a Checkmark: Twitter founder Jack Dorsey launches Bluesky. The decentralized social platform launched in beta to select users. Following in the slow progress of Mastodon, could this be the Twitter alternative many are looking for? (Social Media Today)
    Tilt Take: While giving people more control is theoretically and ethically better, for many users, they just want a basic, plug-and-play approach to social networking.
And Finally
  • What’s Working: We love a good roundup, especially one with such great advice. 17 experts share what’s working for them on this jam-packed episode from Trevor Young. Includes many friends of the Tilt and several Creator Economy Expo speakers. (Trevor Young h/t Sarah Mitchell)
    Tilt Take: This is a great example of pulling from experts in your niche to give your audience lots of great advice all in one episode.
  • ICYMI: Christie’s is in the NFT art business. Check out what sold for a World Auction Record £365,400. (Christie’s h/t Mint Podcast)
    Tilt Take: We think maybe we missed our calling.

the business of content

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