Synereo announced the allocation of $500,000 to YouTube creators using WildSpark, their direct content monetization app. WildSpark allows YouTube creators to monetize their content, also rewarding their subscribers for sharing their work. Today, many YouTube creators rely almost entirely on advertising to make money. With the introduction of new restrictions, many new creators just starting out are not able to monetize their creations at all. The introduction of WildSpark as an alternative means of monetization allows creators an additional, platform-agnostic way to support their work relying on the appreciation of their fans.

Synereo aims to onboard 100 creators before launching its next major upgrade to WildSpark in February 2018. These early adopters will be rewarded with Synereo’s cryptocurrency, AMP, in tiers correlated with their YouTube subscriber count.

WildSpark incentivizes fans to give more than ever as it allows them to benefit from successful acts of distribution themselves. Upcoming features are aimed at providing more nuanced monetization options to creators as well as additional programs aimed at their most active and supportive followers.