censhare’s purpose is singular. It is to make your life easier. Whether you are a marketing manager arduously sifting through a sea of collateral or a product manager working tirelessly to piece together a seemingly infinite amount of data, our software makes it simple.

The way censhare makes your life easier is simple; the software handles the complexity and allows you to do your job. Our software doesn’t allow you to simply manage your files, it allows you to control your digital assets.

censhare is the only digital experience platform that is run using a proprietary platform based on a semantic network, technology that is used in artificial intelligence that mimics the human brain. Most digital asset management software is still based on file structures which makes storing and searching not only tedious, but next to impossible when you consider the number of versions that only one asset sometimes requires. The benefit of using semantic technology is that it manages the complexity of the relationships and dependencies of all of these assets (including the people, the processes, campaigns and variations, etc.). Simply search and have the power of your content displayed right away.

Once your digital assets are managed ingeniously censhare ensures that your brand is safeguarded and allows you to disseminate your message on the best output channels to support your communications strategy.

Life is too complex already, with the right digital platform at least you can make eight hours of your day easier. That’s the power of censhare.

Contact Information:

Paul-Gerhardt-Allee 50
81245 Munich, Germany

Email: douglas.eldridge@censhare.com

Phone:  +49 89 568236-0