What should you think about while heading into 2024? Read these five content business trends for thought in less than four minutes, and take a few minutes more to ponder what they could mean for your content business.

1. Think custom bots: All-purpose generative content tools won’t be the go-to format. Meta’s betting big on narrowing the scope, creating 28 special-purpose bots – Max for cooking content, Victor for training content, Coco for dancing content, etc.

That’s a trend identified by Alex Kantrowitz, host of the Big Technology podcast in 34 Big Ideas That Will Change the World in 2024

Trend for thought: What specialized bot could you train with your content to engage your audience?

2. Focus on fandom: YouTube’s annual year-end trending topics report is filled with audiences’ increasingly important role in transforming cultural moments into immersive phenomena across Shorts, long-form, livestreams, and podcasts. 

Also, its US Breakout Creator’s list features many entrepreneurs who grew exponentially by giving fans what they want – content with a reveal (a surprise ending, a what-happens-when-you-do-this moment, an unexpected turn of events).

Trend for thought: How can your content deliver suspense, an interesting reveal, or a fun surprise to encourage the audience to keep reading, watching, or listening?

3. Create experiences: Creative Click Media’s 2024 Trends Report says interactive elements will be a hallmark of successful emails (and newsletters, we think) in 2024. Interactive elements could include clickable carousels, polls, quizzes, and embedded videos with which the subscriber can engage directly.

Trend for thought: What one interactive element could you test in your next newsletter?

4. Engage with readers: Publishing State’s Publishing Trends in 2024 notes book readers expect more personalized content in 2024. They want custom recommendations and the ability to engage with authors and other readers.

Trend for thought: What would an online community look like that would allow your audience to connect and benefit your content business?

5. Look for the trends in your content tilt: Get to know your topic and audience better by exploring themes and trends connected to your content tilt. Google Trends is a helpful and free resource tool to understand what people want to know. But don’t stop there. Go and talk to your audience and non-audience about what they want to know and how they want to learn it.

Trend for thought: What fresh angles could you create from relevant trending topics that will grab the attention and gain the interest of your audience?

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