Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters Company, has announced two new subscription options for individuals or small businesses in need of conducting occasional business research. These subscribers can now access Factiva’s content directly from Factiva or via links in The Wall Street Journal Online at WSJ.com. The options differ in functionality, but both make Factiva available to individual users and smaller firms on an economical basis. Both options offer access to Factiva’s collection of nearly 8,000 news and business information sources.

Factiva.com Individual Subscription offers access to both the Search and Track areas of Factiva.com. Access includes search functionality and Track Folders that offer filtered news. Delivery of Track results by email is available.  

Individual Subscription users can search Factiva content using any of seven language interfaces: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, or Russian. Online customer service is available via Factiva’s Membership Circle Web site, which provides online support and account management tools. This plan, previously only in limited release, is now being made more widely available.

Customers can register for the Factiva.com Individual Subscription online using a credit card at www.factiva.com/individualsubscription. The annual fee for an Individual Subscription is $69. News tracking folders are $9.95 per month. Articles cost $2.95 each. Online Journal customers with ad hoc research needs can search Factiva from links within their Online Journal subscription. There is no additional annual fee for this option, but users who are not already Factiva.com subscribers need to register with a credit card to view any articles, which cost $2.95 each. Factiva Intelligent Indexing and Track Folders are not available as part of this offering.